Ski Butlers Blog - December 2011

Thank goodness for man-made in North Lake!

Thank goodness for man-made snow.  The snow making equipment at the resorts in North Lake Tahoe have made it possible for locals and visitors alike to get out on the slopes.  The temperatures have been low, some even dropping below 0° for extended periods of time during the dark hours.  The ski resorts have been able to put a pretty decent coat of white stuff on the trails.  And with the cold temperatures, the man-made snow has been allowed to set up nicely on the trails.  
One of the best things I have noticed since moving here is that there are not many bad weather days in California.  Or days with any weather at all.  Since it hasn’t been snowing, it has been sunny.  The beautiful weather has certainly made me feel guilty about complaining about the lack of snow.  And with the lack of snow I have seen many people out riding their bikes and doing other activities that normally need to be put away through May.  
Most people I have met are always talking about powder.  Which I will admit is very nice but there is more to skiing then powder.  Go out and make some turns on some nice groomed trails, the snow might be a little harder then what you are usually skiing on this time of year.  So get your skis tuned or rent a pair that have an edge and go out there and challenge your skiing ability and ski the harder snow, work on your free skiing before the powder. It will pay off down the road, I promise!  Grab some boards, strap them on your feet, and ski! 

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No Snow Doesn't Mean No Fun in Breck!

The majority of conversations going around town now in one way or another are all focusing on one common topic, where is the snow?  In Breckenridge, we certainly have not seen the same early season snow as we had last season.  This seems to also be the case in several other western resort towns.  Since we cannot control Mother Nature, we are forced to take action in other ways.  No snow in November means several things for us folks in Breckenridge; It gives us the ability to enjoy long hikes without snow shoes and tackle some of Colorado’s 14,000 ft. + peaks, it makes us appreciate artificial snow making more so than we would like to, and it creates a situation where all employees are eagerly waiting to demo some of the new powder line equipment but simply can’t yet.

Just because there has been little snowfall so far this year, doesn’t stop the big wheel of events from turning in Breckenridge.  From the 4th-11th of December we welcome the Hartford Disabled Sports Ski Spectacular into Breckenridge.  In its 23rd year, the Hartford returns to Breckenridge as the nation’s largest winter sports festival for people with physical disabilities.  It’s always a pleasure when you get the chance to meet these people on the slopes or in town as they are always sure to lift your spirits and make you appreciate all the activities that come with a mountain town.  This event is conducted by Disabled Sports, USA and in Breckenridge; this is something we always look forward to.

Another thing the lack of snow will not change is the Winter Dew Tour coming to town December 15-18th.  As Breckenridge locals, we will welcome in several hundred elite winter athletes all to compete on Peak 8 in Breckenridge for their shot at the Dew Cup.  Of course the Dew Cup champion is based on cumulative points from all 3 winter tour stops with The Nike Open in Breckenridge being the first of the 3 to kick off the 2011/2012 season.  There is more fun to be had than watching these athletes soar out of the pipe or tear down the slopestyle course while the Dew Tour is in town.   There are live concerts right on the mountain following each Dew Tour event, and the town as a whole is more energetic than ever during these 3 days.

Even without snow, there are always fun events going on in Breckenridge and plenty to chat about around town.  The snow will eventually arrive; whether it comes as a 50th birthday present to Breckenridge on December 16th or Santa Claus brings it as a gift on his sleigh later in the month, one thing is for sure…. The Breckenridge community will be waiting!

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