Ski Butlers Blog - 2011

Ski Town Lingo de-coded from Ski Butlers

It can be weird going on vacation to a new place, a place that can seem somewhat foreign from your home.  Maybe it’s the weather that’s completely different, the food may not quite be the same, or maybe the language is new and well, foreign.  It can be even stranger when this place is still in the U.S. Resort towns can seem a bit foreign at first, especially when you hear the locals speaking. 

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Snow Making in Steamboat!

The temperatures are dropping as we all eagerly await for the resort to open up here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Early November always tends to welcome in the cold temperatures, but the precipitation itself can sometimes be less then present. However big of a problem this may seem as most resorts will always open on time, technology has its ways to prevent what should seem as a postponed opening day.  Not here in Steamboat, and most likely, not anywhere else.  The technology of snowmaking has made all this possible and will always ensure us that no matter where we are or whether we are victims of “El Nino” or “La Nina”, there will always be snow on opening day.

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Ski Butlers Equipment Preview #3 and #4

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Aspen Recieves 1st Significant Snow of Season

While the entire Ski Butler's work force was putting some final touches on plans for the upcoming season in Park City, the Aspen area was already picking up there first signifigant snowfall of the season!  Reports from the top of Snowmass are measuring just under a foot of new snow!  It is a pleasure to see the ski runs of all 4 resorts covered in white, right down into town! Ski tracks are already visible all over the Aspen area!