Introducing the Ski Butlers Gear Outlet

I am excited to announce the Grand Opening of the NEW Ski Butlers Gear Outlet. The Outlet sells top of the line used equipment, at very competitive prices from all 10 Ski Butlers locations. 
Our customers and partners are always inquiring about purchasing our previously rented equipment. So to meet the demand, we created an online gear outlet. It is a great way for us to showcase our equipment and an easy way for customers to purchase the equipment.
Each year, beginning in mid-March, Ski Butlers will put equipment it is going to sell on the Gear Outlet. The Gear Outlet will remain open until everything is sold. This process will repeat itself each year. This year, our store is opening in October and has inventory available from Rossignol, Dynastar, Volkl, Head and Burton. 
All the equipment has been treated with care and receives a full service tune before shipping and shipping is free. 
For each product, you will see a range of pricing, based on the condition of equipment. 
NEW: Equipment that has been mounted but was never rented. 
EXCELLENT: Equipment that has been used but has little base or top damage. 
GOOD: Equipment that has some base or top damage. 
POOR: There is nothing in our Outlet in poor condition. Our motto is if we won't buy it ourselves, we won’t list it! 
Visit the following link to see the Outlet and view the equipment: 
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