Ski Butlers Blog - December 2014

Preconditioning: Focus on Overall Fitness Before You Hit the Slopes

Skiing is an athletic sport that requires all major muscle groups. The better shape you are in, the more fun you will have on the slopes, so focus on preconditioning. The key to preconditioning is a focus on overall fitness. The right combination of preconditioning exercises will increase your endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. 

Read more here to be in shape and ready for the ski season. 


Steamboat Springs Best Kept Secrets

Steamboat Springs is well known for its champaign powder, bubbling hot springs and western hospitality.  You know to expect some of the worlds best tree skiing, delicious local beef and you know that you have to stop at F.M. Light and Sons at some point on your stay here.  But do you know everything?  


Telluride with the Kids!

Telluride is a haven for adventure-seekers both young and old.  While many dismiss the Box Canyon as a destination reserved only for those with the experience and determination to take on some of nature's greatest challenges, Telluride provides endless wonder for our younger and less experienced companions, too!  


"The greatest risk in life is to risk nothing."

Bryn Carey, president and founder of Ski Butlers writing about starting Ski Bulters in 2004.

One of my favorite sayings is “The greatest risk in life is to risk nothing.” That is how I liked to ski race growing up. I took chances, skied straight lines and went for it. When I came up with the idea for Ski Butlers while finishing my final semester of college in 2004, I had that same mentality. 
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