A Season After Injury

The reason why I was nervous was due to my season ending abruptly on Dec 24th the prior year.  I was skiing down with my wife on one of my favorite runs and then it happened, I fell forward over my knee and I felt the infamous “pop” everyone talks about.  I instantly knew I blew my ACL but I tried to ski anyway to try and prove myself wrong, “BAM” I hit the ground hard again, just trying to make a simple turn on my skis.
So, I hope you understand my apprehension of getting on a fresh foot of snow on my first day of the season… But, what I quickly learned was that I was ready to be back, my knee was ready to be back and that was due to hard work and determination to get back to having a strong and healthy body.  Last season, due to not being able to ski, I focused hard on my Physical Therapy.  During the summer, I rode my bike and walked the golf course with my clubs on my back.  I focused on skiing even when it was 80 degrees and sunny.
Needless to say, I can’t wait for my next ski day and I have the confidence to ski hard when I hit the snow.  Skiing is a huge part of my life, and to miss the majority of last season was a very difficult thing for me.  But I used that frustration and I focused on the positive, I worked hard and made sure that I would surprise myself the season after injury.

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