Big Sky has Big Plans

Creating the American Alps” is the slogan that Big Sky is using for their new vision Big Sky 2025. The resort’s parent company Boyne announced recently a 10 year plan to invest 150 Million dollars into the mountain. The investment will mainly go towards upgrading, replacing, or addition of 12 new lifts, night skiing, and a new hotel complex.
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The plan is geared towards making Big Sky a highly sought out destination for skiers and snowboarders from around the country. With the predicted growth to about 650,000 annual visitors in 2025, the resort infrastructure needs an upgrade. Parking lots, restaurants, lifts, and hotels are the main areas that need improvements.
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The town of Big Sky is also expanding and trying to keep up with the growth of the mountain. Construction is taking place everywhere you look around the town, with most of it focused on building houses. With more and more businesses coming into town and the expansion of the resort, that means more employees will need housing. The town is also constructing new space for businesses and commercial space.

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Big Sky has been called the Jackson Hole of 10 years ago, before it became a huge ski destination. With these plans in place, I’m sure we will see Big Sky go through the same transformation that Jackson did into a mecca for skiing and snowboarding. Ski Butlers is excited to start a shop in Big Sky during the early stages of it’s growth, and looks to help the community to grow along side the resort. 

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