GPS and Skiing/​Snowboarding

Having a GPS unit while skiing or snowboarding can be a very useful tool out on the slopes. Not only do GPS units give you your exact location, but they also allow you to track your speed, distance, elevation, and bearing. Many people use GPS devices to keep track of their progress while they ski. Some GPS units even come with heart rate montiors that allow them to track their excercise, while out on the slopes. Other uses included marking” your favorite/​secret powder stashes on the mountain. A useful website for viewing GPS data is www​.gpsvi​suliz​er​.com . This website allows you to tranfer all of your GPS data and convert it to Googel Earth. There are several features on the site that allow you to see the GPS data on a very simple color coded Google Earth map. GPS units are becoming very popular on mountains, even in the winter. DT

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