North Lake Tahoe Adds Pro-Line!!

North Lake Tahoe

Ski Butlers newest location in North Lake Tahoe adds premium top of the line skis to their Squaw Valley ski rental repertoire. We are very excited to announce the arrival of the Volkl Grizzly to the menu of skis to choose from. Three different positions, reveal three different Grizzly personalities, encouraging the skier to apply different amounts of tip and tail pressure. Yes, the Volkl Grizzly feels heavy when picked up, but click in to the Marker Wideride bindings and get them up to speed. Suddenly the ski feels agile and very responsive. A wood core combined with Volkl’s double grip construction and a 17 meter radius deliver a masterful blend of stability and carving. This is not the ski for smaller ultra-groomed ski areas, so plan on taking your Grizzlies to Squaw Valley’s KT-22 and letting them off the leash. They blast through everything with authority and love it fast. The dial just works and is an easy and effective way to change your skis personality and match it to your style. You will not be disappointed, but a helmet is almost mandatory. Experts only” as they say, but if you want the big mountain agility and control of an amazing ski, you will have to test out our new secret weapon = The Grizzly! This is a Ski Butlers must!!

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