Queen Cover Band

Every Tuesday night during the summer the town of Vail has its Hot Summer Nights” free concerts at Ford Park. Little did I know there was pretty large amphitheater in Vail. The first couple of months have had decent turn outs with decent bands. This past Tuesday however there was a Queen cover band. The turn out was amazing, every seat was filled and you could barely see the lawn because it was packed with people. The band was truly amazing the lead singer sounded as close as anyone can come to singing like Freddy Mecury. And the fact that they were playing Queen songs everyone in the audience was singing along and having the time of their lives. Having gone to many other concerts this summer and normally the music is a background noise and everyone is there to socialize. This night was so different, the music was cranked way up and everyone was facing the band singing/​screaming the lyrics to all their favorite Queen songs. As foreseen they closed out with their two most famous songs We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions. It was a night to never forget.

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