Smelling the Roses

Does any one really know what this means and more importantly how often do we follow this golden saying? We all tend to get so busy, even though we live in some of the most beautiful places on earth, we don’t take the time often enough to really look around and enjoy. For instance, I take Billie, my border collie, for a walk daily. Walking through all kinds of beautiful forests, to lakes with amazing scenery. Too often, the walk is part of my chores in a busy day, so I’m hurrying or talking on the phone or worse texting and don’t really appreciate the beauty around me.
I decided to change this today. There’s an Olympic ticket sales booth right across the way from where I work in the Activity Centre. I’ve watched people line up and always thought, I’ll just be too busy during the Olympics with Ski Butlers to be able to watch any of the events. Oh yeah, I gave my head a shake and bought 4 tickets this morning. How many times in my life will I ever have the chance to watch an Olympic event live?!?
So I will be taking part, cheering for the amazing athletes and smelling the beautiful aroma of excitement in February 2010.

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