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Hiring All-Star Staff Members

Ski Butlers’ relentless focus on hiring the best people for each open position allows us to achieve excellence in customer service season after season.  Hiring a team of all stars in a ski town year after year can be a challenge due to the fact that we are only able to offer seasonal employment to most of our employees, not to mention the challenges of finding housing in a ski town at an affordable price.  So, as a team we have spent lots of time over the years refining our hiring process and job offerings to make sure we are able to attract and retain awesome employees. The people we hire each Fall, in preparation for the ski season, are the face of our company out on each delivery, so we make sure to do our due diligence in hiring and training in order to deliver legendary customer service all winter long.


Why I work for Ski Butlers

Why I work for Ski Butlers - Steph Traylor, GM of Ski Butlers Steamboat

I joined the Ski Butlers team in 2010 with about 3 years of ski shop experience and just under a decade worth of experience in customer service.  I had gone to college, poked around in a multitude of careers varying from law to radio, and yet I continued my journey in search of the perfect fit.