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Check Out North Lake Tahoe's SnowFest!!

If you are in Tahoe this week or if you are thinking about making a visit be sure to check out North Lake Tahoe's SnowFest.
Every spring since 1982, North Lake Tahoe comes alive with ten fun-filled days and nights, jam packed with events and activities for all ages. This year, the annual favorites will be back, along with a host of great new ones! On and off the mountain, at North Tahoe's numerous resorts and vibrant lakeside neighborhoods, there's something for everyone. Enjoy on-snow events at resorts like Squaw Valley USA, Alpine Meadows, Homewood, Diamond Peak, and Northstar-at-Tahoe; Participate in special events, parades, races, parties, concerts, theater; and of course, there's plenty of wining and dining to be had at North Lake Tahoe's fine restaurants and lively establishments.
Join in and celebrate the fun and frolic of winter! There's no better time to be in North Lake Tahoe. Snow conditions in early March are some of the best of the season.
Check out the list of awesome events here:!vstc1=events

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Thank goodness for man-made in North Lake!

Thank goodness for man-made snow.  The snow making equipment at the resorts in North Lake Tahoe have made it possible for locals and visitors alike to get out on the slopes.  The temperatures have been low, some even dropping below 0° for extended periods of time during the dark hours.  The ski resorts have been able to put a pretty decent coat of white stuff on the trails.  And with the cold temperatures, the man-made snow has been allowed to set up nicely on the trails.  
One of the best things I have noticed since moving here is that there are not many bad weather days in California.  Or days with any weather at all.  Since it hasn’t been snowing, it has been sunny.  The beautiful weather has certainly made me feel guilty about complaining about the lack of snow.  And with the lack of snow I have seen many people out riding their bikes and doing other activities that normally need to be put away through May.  
Most people I have met are always talking about powder.  Which I will admit is very nice but there is more to skiing then powder.  Go out and make some turns on some nice groomed trails, the snow might be a little harder then what you are usually skiing on this time of year.  So get your skis tuned or rent a pair that have an edge and go out there and challenge your skiing ability and ski the harder snow, work on your free skiing before the powder. It will pay off down the road, I promise!  Grab some boards, strap them on your feet, and ski! 

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