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The Top Reasons to Wear a Helmet When Skiing

When you hit the slopes, you may not usually wear a helmet. However, wearing a helmet when skiing is just as important as wearing a helmet when riding a bicycle or a motorcycle. While wearing a helmet will not keep you from suffering a head injury, it can have a significant impact on the outcome of the severity of your injury.


Gear Heads Corner - Highlighting Our Partners

Gear Heads Corner - Highlighting our Partners

Gear can make or break your ski vacation. For this reason, Ski Butlers offers industry leading skis and boards from Rossignol and Dynastar, as well as clothing and goggles from Smith, Patagonia, and Smartwool. The ski hill is no fun if you can’t see through your scratched goggles, have frozen feet because your cotton tube socks don’t wick away moisture, and you're on a pair of skis that should be hanging in a museum rather than on your feet!