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Atelier Ski by Ski Butlers

Since our founding in 2004, Ski Butlers and Rossignol have had a remarkable partnership and this partnership has allowed us to offer our customers some of the most iconic and innovated skis and snowboards in the industry.

Settle in and read about this very special and exciting opportunity.


Ski Butlers Give Team Members Half Day Off to Vote

I'm excited to announce that on this election day will be a half-day holiday at Ski Butlers, so our team members can exercise their right to VOTE.


Ski Butlers - In House

In beautiful Eagle County, Colorado, Ski Butlers has a number of different service centers in order to guarantee excellent service to all of our guests.  


Ski Butlers First 100% Electric Van

We are excited to announce that your deliveries just got cleaner! We have purchased a new Nissan NV200 Commercial Van from Europe, which is 100% Electric. This is puts us one step closer to our goal of no new gas vehicle purchases starting in 2025.