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The Greatest Snow on Earth

Utah makes a bold claim when they market the Wasatch Mountains as having “The Greatest Snow on Earth”.  Although this will always be a subjective topic, many who have experienced a bottomless Utah powder day tend to agree.  With some quick research, you may find that we don’t have the deepest or the driest snow, but what really makes snow so great anyway?  If you were to look at a spectrum from Sierra cement, to mashed potatoes, to blower pow, the real question is “Where is the sweet spot”?  Legendary Avalanche Expert and Skier, Ed LaChapelle, sums it up well saying, “The best deep powder skiing is not found in the lightest snow, but rather in snow with enough ‘body’ to provide good flotation for the running ski.”


Our Culture is Our Brand

Ski Butlers Core Value # 2:  Our Culture is Our Brand
Ski Butlers, a seasonal lifestyle, and the mountains tend to attract a certain demographic.  After filtering through the riff raff, we find ourselves with a group of quality individuals sharing similar passions.  Simply put, we love the mountain life and wish to share it with others.  Such a basic thing to have in common can produce profound results.  Instant friendships and a fun dynamic workplace are born.

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Ski Utah's ONE Wasatch

18,000 Acres
100 Lifts
1 Pass

By adding just a few connecting lifts, all 7 ski resorts in the Wasatch could be connected. Just imagine the possibilities! This reality is not too far in the future (we hope). Read more here. 

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