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My Favorite Lift at Telluride

Prospect Express, aka Lift 12 comes to mind when I think about where the best riding on the mountain is. To get there you have to ride a couple other lifts so you can work your way to the bottom of the lift. Once there you get on to the 4 person express lift that takes you almost all the way to the top of the mountain. The runs right off the lift are great. There are greens, blues, and blacks so anyone can enjoy the riding. 


Goggle Tans, Goggle Tans, and Goggle Tans!

It’s been an action packed season here at Telluride but Spring is coming in fast.  Since we last spoke Telluride has gotten its fare share of powder days where skiers and riders were able to enjoy all 4,425 vertical feet the resort has to offer.  The Ski Butlers Team has also been actively donating its time around the community.  We’ve had members volunteer at places from the Ah Haa School for Arts to helping out at the Annual Adaptive Center’s Scavenger Hunt that took place on St. Patrick’s Day.