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Little Rippers

Well it’s about to start snowing again here in the mountains and of course we’re all very excited.  But who’s truly the most excited?  Who’s already running around their neighborhoods with their ski helmet and goggles on?  Who’s sleeping with their skis at night and brushing their teeth with their mittens on?  That would have to be the kiddos (or maybe Ski Butlers founder, Bryn Carey).  They know it’s close.  They can feel it in the air and can’t wait another day to strap their tiny little skis or snowboards on and shred some powder. Or ice, they really don’t care.

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Steamboat Springs 99th Annual Winter Carnival!

Every year in February the residents of Steamboat Springs gather on Lincoln Ave to celebrate the annual Winter Carnival.  This year being Steamboat’s 99th celebration, it was originally created to help combat “cabin fever” that many locals in Steamboat suffered from while dealing with the harsh Rocky Mountain winters.  Now, people of steamboat band together on this festive weekend to not only get out of the house, but also to celebrate the western heritage of Steamboat and its long-lasting love for the winter sports.

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Snow Making in Steamboat!

The temperatures are dropping as we all eagerly await for the resort to open up here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Early November always tends to welcome in the cold temperatures, but the precipitation itself can sometimes be less then present. However big of a problem this may seem as most resorts will always open on time, technology has its ways to prevent what should seem as a postponed opening day.  Not here in Steamboat, and most likely, not anywhere else.  The technology of snowmaking has made all this possible and will always ensure us that no matter where we are or whether we are victims of “El Nino” or “La Nina”, there will always be snow on opening day.

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