Deer Valley Resort Area Resources

Deer Valley Local Tips
Deer Valley Resort sells a set number of ski lift tickets each day and will sell out over the holiday periods. This is to ensure the best possible experience for paying guests. Make sure to reserve your lift tickets before traveling. If you have already arrived in town purchase a multi-day ticket or pickup tickets before 9:30 a.m the morning of skiing.
Ski school at Deer Valley Resort is very popular and will be sold out over holiday periods. Advanced reservations are strongly encouraged.  

Deer Valley Mountain Resort Guide
Deer Valley Resort was rated the best ski resort in America by the readers of Ski Magazine four years in a row. Located amongst the beautiful mountain slopes of Park City, Utah, Deer Valley Resort offers something for everyone. It is located thirty-six miles from the airport in Salt Lake City, making this resort a convenient vacation destination.
Deer Valley Resort is situated on just over 2,000 acres of land and features ninety-nine trails for skiers to enjoy.  The longest run is a little over two and a half miles long. They have twenty-two lifts to bring guests up to their destination as quickly as possible. Trails range from beginner to expert, and there is skiing instruction available to help everyone get the most out of their time on the slopes.  
Guests are treated well at Deer Valley Resort. Guest attendants help visitors unload and carry their equipment. Deer Valley Resort allows guests to Federal Express their equipment ahead of time, making travel easier, especially for guests who are flying in. They offer gear storage as well. Also available for guests are Slope Trackers. This device, available for rent, keeps track of the number of downhill feet a skier has traveled, the time spent skiing, the calories a skier has burned off, and several other interesting facts about the skiers activities of the day.  
The dining experience is a big part of Deer Valley Resort. There are twelve eateries available for guests to choose from. There is a pizza parlor, grill, seafood buffet, café, and a fine dining restaurant. Also available are a few quick snack places, perfect for a quick refueling before going back to the slopes. Deer Valley Resort’s Snow Park Bakery offers a wide range of treats, perfect for special occasions.  
Deer Valley Resort has facilities perfect for everything from corporate meetings to lavish weddings.  They welcome conferences, and have banquet facilities available for lunches and dinners. There are three beautiful lodges that are perfect for weddings. Deer Valley Resort has a catering service, an on-site bakery, and a photography and film service. They are open year round, and offer activities like snowmobile adventures, sleigh rides, show shoeing, and cross country skiing in the winter months.  There is also hot air balloon rides and horseback riding during the summer months.  
There is several vacation packages offered at Deer Valley Resort for the convenience of their guests. These packages combine skiing passes and lodging, either at the resort or at a nearby hotel. Some packages include breakfast.  There is also a package for visitors to the Sundance Film Festival, complete with lodging, skiing, and tickets to the film festival.
Deer Valley Resort has plenty for all of its visitors to do. They even offer transportation to and from the Salt Lake City Regional Airport, and discounted car rentals through a local agency for the duration of a guest’s stay. With exceptional guest service, trails for skiers of all levels of experience, and several great dining options, there are a lot of reasons for people to consider a vacation at Deer Valley Resort.  

History of Deer Valley 
Skiing began at Deer Valley Resort with the Park City Winter Carnivals of the 1930's. Ski trails and other facilities were built during the winter of 1936-1937. The first ski lifts appeared in 1946 and were built by local residents from lodgepole pines from the mountainside. In 1981, Deer Valley Resort opened on the former site of the "Snow Park Ski Area," which had operated from 1946 to 1969. Deer Valley Resort has been consistently ranked among the best ski resorts in North America offering a vast amount of terrain for skiers of all types.