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Posted on October 28, 2008 by
"Ski Butlers is a terrific idea - one whose time has come! I have long advised my readers and listeners to rent equipment - you get the most modern and up to date, and can make adjustments on the spot with the rental equipment. Now, with the extra baggage charges on planes, it does not make sense to carry equipment if you fly to the wonderful big mountains. What a great idea to have the equipment delivered to your door. Stay well and prosper! Yours, Connie Lawn, "The Skiing White House Reporter"

Posted on September 08, 2008 by
Ski Butlers is incredible! Saving the time we would have spent travelling to and standing in line at a ski rental shop meant we got to ski longer! The skis that Ski Butlers carries are top of the line and in great shape--much better than at any ski rental shop. And you can reserve them in advance so you know for sure you will a) have skis, b) have great skis, and c) never have to stand in line again!

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