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Welcome to Atelier Ski - Aspen

Let us do all the work

We deliver your rental gear for free after your VIP fitting

Clients can be fitted in-store on a walk-in basis or can reserve a VIP fitting by simply reserving online. We can then deliver everything to your accommodations after the fitting.

We offer on-mountain support

If conditions change while you're on the mountain and you'd like a new ski or snowboard, or maybe a boot needs adjusting, or you want to try different gear altogether, just give us a call. We'll come right to you within 45 minutes of a phone call and change out anything you would like.

Atelier Ski - Aspen offers clients an elevated, high-performance demo experience in partnership with Rossignol. Atelier Ski - Aspen is part of an exclusive new concept store in the heart of downtown Aspen.

Don't settle for second best.

As featured in The Wall Street JournalSKI and Outside Magazines, enjoy the first-class treatment of our Aspen ski rental delivery service! Let our experienced ski rental technicians provide you with a perfect fit, wherever you're staying. We bring everything you need - and that includes extra boots. We carry all of the accessories you need so you'll be ready to cruise the slopes.

Don't waste time in a shop line for Aspen ski rentals — we stock the latest and best ski rental equipment for the same or lower price than many of the shops offering ski rentals in Aspen!


Customer Reviews

"Awesome job. Made the job of renting skis in Aspen a breeze. We'll be back!" - J. Senkowksy

"The staff at Ski Butlers in Aspen was extremely helpful and very nice! Can't wait to come back and use them again!." - K. Maxey

"A day in, I changed my rental term length and switched from a snowboard to skis...Brandon didn't even hesitate to make all of the necessary arrangements an deliver the new gear. Next time you're in Aspen, do yourself a huge favor and give him a call." - M. Regala

"Without question, I would use Ski Butlers again. They were courteous, professional, timely and extremely customer service orientated. I left my ski helmet on the bus in Aspen, and was leaving the next day. I called Ski Butlers and told them about it. They said they would do all they could to locate the helmet and if they found it, they would not charge me for it. Well, they found it the very next day as I was on my flight home. The also found my own ski goggles which were still attached to the helmet. Within days, my goggles arrived at my house. Ski Butlers has my business next time I ski. Period." - D. Fritzsche

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