Opening Day Organization

A majority of western ski resorts have their opening day slated for some point in the next two weeks.  A significant snowfall event during this past weekend has come at the perfect time to ensure great conditions wherever you are looking to make your first turns this winter.   
A word of advice from Ski Butlers – make sure you know where all your ski equipment is before opening day!  Too many times in the past I have woken up early on opening day with the intense anticipation of another incredible ski season only to realize I have no clue where half my ski equipment is.  I ramble around my condo piecing my gear together one glove at a time, hoping everything is still in working condition from the previous season.  Typically, and much to my frustration, I realize that I have forgotten I have a crack in my goggle lens or my ski socks have sizeable holes in them.  Not a great way to start off your season.  
By being pro-active about making sure you have all your proverbial ducks in a row before opening day will allow you to have a much more enjoyable, and comfortable start to your season.
Things to consider when getting organized:
Long Underwear (Tops and Bottoms)
Ski Socks
Skis (tuned)
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