The World is Watching

On November 13, join us in participating in the 24 Hours of Reality and Live Earth: The World is Watching, a global day of action and music to celebrate the progress we have made around the world in regards to combating climate change. Furthermore, by supporting this day of action, as well as participating in the Thunderclap, we will send a clear to message to world leaders that climate change can no longer be ignored.

The 24 Hours of Reality, airing two weeks before COP21, the UN climate talks in Paris, will remind global leaders the the world is watching and demanding” action and that it is time for countries to make significant and meaninful actions to reduce emissions, combat climate change, and set us on a path towards a better future.” Starting at 6pm CET on Friday, November 13 and running to 6pm CET the following day, this round-the-clock event will bring together both a gloabl audiance, as well as a slew of governemt officals, media persoalities, and NGO and buiness leaders, to urge world leads to push for the strongest possible climate agreement in Paris as well as compel individuals to take action in their own communities and homes. If succesful, the COP21 negations in Paris will be a watershep moment in the fight for climate change action.

How can you show support for the 24 Hours of Reality iniative? One of the simplest ways is to paricapte in Thunderclap. What is Thunderclap? It is an organized and coordinated social media initiative with the goal of amplifying our message using a slew of individuals social media platforms. By participating, we will in effect create a unified message that spreads through social media and attracts widespread attention. For more information check out this link: Thunderclap Info. And to go right to the Thunderclap sign-up go here: Thunderclap Sign-Up.
Join us as well as former US Vice President Al Gore, artists and influencers, and millions of others across the planet to send a clear message to world leaders: Take climate action now.” As the Climate Reality Project quite eloquent puts it:
This is our moment. With the Paris climate talks approaching, a breakthrough is finally at hand. The stage is set and it’s time for our leaders to act. The world is watching. Join us.

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