3 steps To Take You From a Beginner to an Expert Skier

Nothing feels better than finishing a hard run or line that you weren’t a hundred percent sure you could do and looking back up at it with a sense of conquer. Everyone’s had this feeling before, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be some huge big mountain line that you had to hike your way up to get to. Sometimes it can be your first green or your first blue and that feeling is still awesome. No matter what, we are all always progressing in the sport of skiing and while you may feel like you’re a beginner now, there are small things you can do to help elevate your game and get you to that level that you want to be. 

Learn to Balance 

To think about skiing in one very simple way would be balance. Expert skiers are masters of their balance and being able to adapt to any situation that might be thrown at them by being able to stay light on their feet. Have you ever seen those groups of young ski racers going down the hill on one ski? They’re doing that for this exact reason. Working on your balance in the off season by doing different exercises will do tons for your skiing come next year. You’ll find that it’s easier to turn and make bigger or short turns all based on keeping yourself balanced through your core. 

Another great way to work on your balance with a bit more excitement is by getting yourself a balance board. They may not seem like they are giving you much of a workout but spending 30 minutes fooling around with one of these will slowly build your balance and have you feeling way more centered once you’re back on your skis. 

Use Those Edges

This one might seem obvious but you’d be surprised many people don’t use their edges correctly. As a beginner it’s easy to stay flat on the base of your ski while you turn but what really shows progression is when you begin to use edges of your skis to slice into the snow while turning. 

Try really exaggerating your turns, even if you are going slow, by really leaning into the snow and feeling your skis move slightly sideways as you carve. This might look a bit silly at first but there’s no better way to progress than to truly understand and feel how your edges help you turn through the snow. 

Bend Those Knees

You’d be surprised how important having the right form while skiing can be and having those knees bent while you’re doing it might be the best thing you can do for yourself. A lot of beginner skiers aren’t used to the type of form that expert skiers have become instinctual at. Keeping your knees bent has a ton of advantages when it comes to progression. 

First it forces you to push your shins into the front of your boot, allowing you to have better control over your skis. Secondly, it centers your body over your ski, creating a more controlled balance as you are riding down the slopes. 

Having your knees bent also acts as a type of natural shock, think of it like shocks on a bike. You’ll be able to absorb more of the bumpy terrain without losing control of your speed.

Next time you’re out on the hill remember these three things and you’ll begin to notice a vast improvement in your skiing abilities. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even have the confidence to send it down that black diamond you’ve been eyeing. 

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