3 Ways to Tell if Your Skiing is Improving

Being able to ski without thinking about all the little technicalities can be a challenging process to accomplish. Like any skill, it’s hard to know when you’ve finally gotten there” and even then there’s always something that can be improved or a new goal to be made. While you might never be as good as the pros, being able to tell when your skiing is improving is always encouraging. Here’s a few ways you’ll be able to tell that your skiing is improving next time you are out on the slopes.

1. Feeling Those Edges

When it comes to feeling improvement while skiing, there’s nothing more important than when you really begin feeling yourself using the edges of your skis while turning. Feeling that back edge dig into the snow as you carve is a great way to know that you’ve begun to improve as a skier. Usually when people start out they are turning using the whole base of the ski. The trick is to realize that you actually turn with mainly the edges. 

2. Quicker Turns

Having quicker turns isn’t just a sign of your legs are getting stronger, but it also means you’ve begun to improve your overall control over your skis. The best skiers in the world have perfect control over their skis, from being able to do a quick turn to avoid an unseen obstacle to being able to perfectly distribute their weight at the right time. When you begin to realize how quickly and proficiently you are about to turn is a huge sign of improvement.

3. You Realize What Skis Are Right For You

Figuring out what kind of equipment you like to use can be a daunting task. There’s so many different companies out there that all say their stuff is the best but when it comes down to it the main thing you need to remember is that finding the right dimensions. This includes the right ski height, ski width, and stiffness that you prefer. 

If you’re still new to these concepts. When renting gear through Ski Butlers, asking your ski tech about the different dimensions of the skis and what those mean as far as performance goes is a great way to start to familiarize yourself.

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