5 Ways to Use Instagram to Plan Your Ski Vacation

Did you know Instagram is the perfect way to find the best places to eat, things to see, nightlife, oh, and yes, great spots on the mountain?

Why? Because people give their honest opinions along with their photos. Yes, there are influencers”, but there are millions more people just like you and me. Maybe it’s vanity, or maybe we just like the kudos, but who isn’t excited to share awesome discoveries and out-of-the-way adventures?

Here’s how!

1. Follow location accounts for inspiration

Planning a ski or snowboard trip to Telluride? Tap the search icon and get to it! @visittelluride has amazing photos, but don’t stop there. You’ll find some great spots using #telluride too! How else are you going to know about the great photo op at the British phone booth?

Or some heli-skiing?

2. Use Instagram Places to Add to Your Itinerary

Next, hit the Places tab! Thanks to geotagging, you’ll find places like Telluride Historic District. From there it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump from the best places to eat, play, dance, and shop. Oh, and ski. 

Screenshot of Instagram Places showing Telluride Historic District

Speaking of places, if you see an amazing photo in your feed, look right above the image – it probably has a location tag. Tap it for photos from other people who found something to share nearby.

3. Ask for help!

When you’re planning your trip, it’s a great time to post a pic of your own, mentioning your upcoming trip and asking followers for their trip tips!

A good caption is key. What do you want to know? Best waffles? Must-dos and must-sees? The best spot for selfies?

Don’t forget to hashtag it so you can get more visibility! Specific hashtags are good (#telluride) but so are wider ranging ones (#colorado, #rockymountains).

4. Instagram Beats Weather Apps

Your weather app predicts the weather. But what’s it like on the mountain right now? Use Places and Hashtags to check out conditions in real time — now you know whether to expect (and gear up for) intense glare or flat light, driving wind or fresh powder.

(Of course, you should plan for the worst. Don’t get caught on a mountain without warm, wind-proof gear!)

5. Tag SkiButlers!

Okay, not a real tip. BUT, we love seeing what our customers are experiencing, and re-gramming cool pics and events. So, be sure to tag @skibutlers!

See you at the mountains!

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