6 Things Skiers Love to See

Like any sport, there are certain things that people who participate in it just love to see. Bikers enjoy some nicely packed dirt, and surfers love a good storm cycle, and skiers are no different. 

If you went up to any skier at any mountain and asked them what their number one thing is that they love to see while skiing, you’re bound to get a few recurring answers (like fresh powder of course) but you’ll also probably get a few unique ones as well. Little things that you may not even notice might be one of the most satisfying things to someone else. 

Everyone’s got their own niches when it comes to skiing, here’s just a few of the things that some skiers love to see while out on the mountain. 

1. No Line 

There’s nothing worse than getting to the bottom of the mountain to see a massive line stretching out from a lift, especially on a great day of skiing. On the other hand, getting to the bottom of the mountain and being able to ski right through an empty gate set up and hopping directly back on the chair just feels so right. It helps keep your momentum going and doesn’t allow you to think about maybe calling it quits for the day. 

2. Fresh Edges and Base 

For anyone who religiously sharpens their edges and waxes their base, then you know how great of a feeling it is the first time you get onto snow. Not only are you going to be turning harder and going faster but you’re going to be looking good doing it. For those who usually just bring their skis to a shop to get tuned up. Learning how to sharpen and wax your skis yourself won’t just save you time but is arguably just as satisfying as skiing on them. 

3. Fresh Top Sheets

There’s nothing worse than seeing someone riding a nice pair of skis with a cool top sheet design that upon further inspection are actually super chipped up. No matter what you do, over time your top sheets will eventually start to chip away but that doesn’t mean you can’t try preventing it as long as possible. Try not to hit your skis together while on the chairlift and when chips begin to form, getting some epoxy on the chip as soon as possible can help with further damage. It’s going to end up happening no matter what so enjoy those sick looking top sheets while you can.

4. Snow in the Forecast

The anticipation for when snow is in the forecast is something all skiers love to see. Opening up whichever weather app you have downloaded on your phone to see multiple days of snow in the future with predicted amounts is always a pleasant sight. Plus now you have something to talk about with your friends until the storm hits. 

5. Hollywood Lines

If you aren’t familiar with what a Hollywood line is it’s what skiers call a run that is directly under the chairlift. Depending on the terrain under the lifts there can be some fun lines to do but also to watch. There’s nothing like watching some skier in the zone cruising down the mountain stomping every hit in their way as people cheer from the chairlift overhead. 

6. Untouched Snow

Everyone can agree that an untouched line, either it be some fresh corduroy, or an open bowl, is one of the best feelings around when it comes to skiing. These aren’t always the easiest things to find, sometimes it’s hard to get up to the mountain early if other commitments have to take priority but when you are finally able to find those fresh lines you know that you’re about to have a good time. Pro tip: Ask a local about any secret stashes that they may know around the mountain. Some may not want to give them away but if you find someone willing to take you somewhere a little off trail you may even still be able to find some fresh lines far into the afternoon.

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