7 Must-Ride Mountain Bike Trails in Aspen

The trails are tacky and the lifts are spinning! With the recent reopening of lifts at Snowmass, this is the perfect time to check out their world class trails. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced freerider, there is something at Snowmass for everybody. Here are a few of our favorite trails in the area. 

Plenty of Beginner Terrain:

Feel intrigued, yet intimidated, as you see bikers whip down the mountain leaving behind a cloud of dust? There are plenty of trails for beginners at Aspen Snowmass. Kids or cautious beginners can practice riding berms on the Fanny HIll Trail, before graduating to the fun beginner Discovery trail. Remember, look where you want to ride, instead of focusing on obstacles, and be patient with yourself that first ride. Want a little help? Rent bikes in the village from Aspen Snowmass or take a clinic.

Endless Miles of Classic Intermediate Trails:

Are you one of those people that can spend hours cranking up and cruising across mountains on your bike? You’ve come to the right place. The Rim Trail Loop and Snowmass Loop both span miles of beautiful terrain outside of Snowmass Village. Want to try a truly epic ride? Check out the Aspen FIFTY trail. You’ll have earned a beer and some truffle fries at Ajax Tavern after that joyful sufferfest.

Snowmass Bike Park is a Freeriders Dream:

We love dressing up in our very best before we visit Aspen too. Well, if you consider a mud splattered face, and a few bruises and scrapes looking your best. If you’re looking for that major adrenaline rush, the Snowmass Bike Park will have you hollering and smiling as you ride the lift up and tear down the mountain all day. Be sure to check out Animal Crackers and Valhalla. These are just a few local favorites.

Stay for the Weekend

Can’t choose just one trail to ride? Fantastic! Make a weekend trip out of your visit! From their access to trail to their delicious on site dining, the Limelight at Snowmass is one of our favorite places to stay (your pup will be comfortable during their visit too). Grab a bite to eat at locals’ favorites Meat and Cheese or Bamboo Bear, and be sure to try the Cloud 9 Saison at Aspen Brewing Company. 

Aspen is one of our favorite mountain towns, and we are looking forward to helping you out this winter. Want to read about how we have served others? Here are some reviews! Enjoy your summer, and we’ll see you on the slopes in a few months.

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