7 Tips for Planning a Winter Ski Trip

Let’s just take a second to let the reality that this ski season will look a little different than it has sink in. Don’t worry, though, we’ve created a list of things that will help you adjust in how to approach planning your ski trips and vacations given all things COVID so that you can have an amazing ski vacation this season.

1. Start Planning Early & Stay Flexible

With many resorts limiting the amount of skiers and riders on the mountain daily, we recommend, once you’ve narrowed down the range of dates you would like to travel, keeping an eye out for the various policies different resorts are putting in place. With limited reservations this coming season, resorts you are hoping to visit may not have openings the day you were originally hoping to ski. Luckily, the world-class ski destinations you are visiting all have so much to offer other than skiing, and planning your trip with a little flexibility is an opportunity for new and unexpectedly awesome experiences.

2. Check Cancellation Policies 

You’re dreaming of your upcoming vacation, and we hope you can enjoy every minute of it. However, IF something were to come up, many companies have updated their cancellations policies due to COVID. So, it’s always a great idea to read through cancellation policies before booking flights, hotel rooms, and buying tickets to know exactly what to expect if something were to come up. 

3. Hand Sanitizer & Lotion

Ski vacations mean the snow is flying, the cool weather surrounds you, and those crisp mornings cruising down the perfectly groomed trail awaits. This season, clean hands are definitely helping with keeping the COVID away, but constantly washing your hands and using hand sanitizer can leave your hands extremely dry, especially in the winter and cool months. No one wants that. Traveling with your favorite hand lotion is a great way to keep them from cracking.

4. Book Lodging for Your Needs 

This season you will likely find yourself getting take-out, cooking meals, or apres-ing in an out-of-the-box way. Consider options outside a typical hotel room, like an AirBnB or VRBO, that may fit your needs better. This way you can have your own space to hang out, apres, or enjoy a meal together with family and friends.

5. Bring an Extra Mask

You rock that mask! You’ve been wearing one for some time now, and it’s looking like that won’t change soon. Current research is suggesting that a cloth (cotton) mask is much more effective than just the gaiter you wear skiing. So, definitely ski with your gaiter and keep your cloth mask with you when you are around others like in the lodge lobby or while grabbing a bite to eat. Also, traveling with an extra mask in case you lose yours will make you more comfortable and stylish than those generic ones. 

*Pro tip — bring breath mints or chewing gum so you’re not stuck inhaling your own bad breath.

6. Avoid Indoor Crowds

No need to wait in a rental line, you have better ways to spend your vacation. We are happy to bring your skis directly to you so you don’t have to wait in line with everybody else. Let us know what you need, and we’ll get you all set up for an awesome, safe vacation. 

7. Respect Your Destination

The ski towns you are visiting are full of people working hard to make sure your trip is great. They have families and jobs that depend on their health, too. Once you have that ski trip on the calendar, it’s recommended to limit your activity and continue all preventative efforts two weeks before you travel, and if you have any symptoms or have been exposed to anybody who tested positive, please get tested. Your mindfulness about your upcoming travel is much appreciated.

All in all, we know this season will be a little different, and the ski towns are working on overdrive making sure you are safe, comfortable, and have a great vacation. We would love to help you avoid crowded lines in the rental shops and take care of you in one of the over 50 locations in which we are located.

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