7 Ways to Lower Your Expenses on Your Next Ski Vacation

Let’s face it, ski vacations are expensive. From booking the flights, to buying lift tickets, and renting skis, prices can start to add up pretty fast. As fun as sitting fireside on top of a resort drinking champagne everyday during your vacation can be. It’s not always the most realistic lifestyle to some people. Sometimes the best way to relieve that money stress is to set up a plan beforehand. Below are just a few of our tips on how to save money at the mountain while not sacrificing your amazing vacation. 

Buy lift tickets ahead of time 

If you’re not a huge skier and the Ikon and Epic passes aren’t for you, make sure to buy your lift tickets in advance. A lot of ski resorts offer discounted bundle deals on lift tickets before the season even begins that will disappear once the lifts start running. Checking out websites like Liftopia and the Mountain Collective are both great places to find discounts on tickets for low prices. Sometimes local shops will team up with resorts to offer exclusive discounted tickets so remember to keep an eye out!

Old gear is good gear!

If you’re not a huge skier or snowboarder then buying the newest gear can be an expensive purchase that isn’t always necessary. With new gear always being rotated into stores, finding last year’s model can sometimes save you a few hundred bucks that could go towards something else! 

Or rent gear!

If you’re really new to winter sports then buying any type of big winter jacket might be a little much and just a little too expensive. Luckily there are tons of local places that rent out snow pants and jackets. This is also great if you’ve accidentally forgotten something at home or your bag gets lost on the plane. If you ever need to rent gear but are pressed for time, make sure to contact your local Ski Butlers shop and we will see what we can do to help! 

Pack snacks

There’s nothing better than snacks on the mountain but those resort snacks can be pretty pricey sometimes. Packing a small cooler with snacks that the kids or yourself can munch on throughout the day can save you tons from those resort cafeterias and also keep you on the slopes! My recommendation is that you can never go wrong with cheese, crackers, and chocolate. 


To some this might seem like a no brainer but bringing your own beer to the mountain can save you tons on those bar tabs. I will admit there is nothing like drinking a cold one by the fire at the bottom of the resort but drinking a beer on the lift can be just as relaxing. Remember, throw away trash in its respectable bin and to always drink responsibility. 

Use public transportation

Most ski towns have cheap or free public transportation that will take you right to the mountain. This is perfect if you aren’t able to ski in-ski out of the place you are staying and can be a lot less of a hassle then getting a Lyft or Uber. Also lots of hotels around ski resorts offer shuttles to and from local ski resorts so remember to ask your concierge about when the first shuttles are leaving! 

Rent Skis!

Here at Ski Butlers we pride ourselves on giving you the best service possible for the best prices possible. Planning your trip ahead of time for those busy times of the year can save you tons! Don’t worry about canceling with our cancellation protection plan you won’t be charged for your rentals if you cancel at least 24 hours before your trip! 

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