A Big Thanks To Our Loyal Ski Butlers Customers!

On behalf of everyone at Ski Butlers, I want to say thank you for being a loyal customer and being a part of a special year at Ski Butlers. I cannot put into words how much we appreciate your steadfast loyalty.

This year at Ski Butlers has been nothing short of incredible. To sum it up, we had a blast and we hope that you had a blast on your ski vacation and your experience with Ski Butlers.

As Ski Butlers has grown to serve over 30 North American ski resorts, more and more people want to know the secret to our success. The answer is very simple and lies in the Ski Butlers Way: Take care of your customers and employees, and you will grow your business beyond everyone’s wildest dreams.”

To attain such high levels of customer service, we treat our employees like owners. We give them respect and opportunities to grow, which encourages them to keep you, our customer, happy. This is a powerful combination. In my mind, Ski Butlers is a customer service company that happens to deliver ski rentals.

As Ski Butlers finishes up this season and we look towards next season, our focus is how to keep improving on our customer service to exceed your expectations. One of the biggest improvements will come from our new partnership with the Rossignol Group. The Rossignol Group and Ski Butlers are now working together to offer the same equipment at all our locations, which will give us the consistency that our customers have requested. Next season, if you visit one location and enjoy the equipment, you’ll be able to visit another location and use the same exact equipment. We are creating a similar experience that Starbucks offers; exceptional customer service with consistency throughout all locations.

This is an exciting time to be a part of Ski Butlers and we cannot thank you enough for being a loyal customer and making this all possible. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, testimonials, or stories, please feel free to e‑mail me personally at bryn@​skibutlers.​com.


Bryn Carey


Ski Butlers – Delivering Service.

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