A Day in the life of a Ski Butlers Employee

Going on a ski vacation? Your personal Ski Butlers delivery person is often the first person you see at your destination. The following three Ski Butlers offer a glimpse into their world, so you can get to know your personal Ski Butler better.

Name: Steve Giangiulio, Ski Butlers Sales Manager for Vail/​Beaver Creek.

Years with Ski Butlers: 2.5 years

Your favorite thing about where you live: I love the lifestyle and the people. People work hard and play even harder out here and each person has unique stories about how they arrived and became integrated into the mountain community. Everyone is willing to help one another and most are walking around with a smile. 

The best compliment you’ve ever received in your job: We want you here.” It’s an amazing feeling to be sought after and appreciated, and more importantly, set up for success when it comes to any given role within a company. One of our Core Values is that Hard Work is Expected And Rewarded.’ Ski Butlers recognizes when employees are giving their all and they provide appreciation for that.

The best part of your job: I get to talk to and meet a lot of great people and speak about a phenomenal service, one that I believe in tremendously. When people travel out to Vail and Beaver Creek, they expect to be treated honestly and with respect, and that is what I get to offer our partners, new clients, customers and team members. 

You ski or ride: As often as I can! Luckily, Ski Butlers puts an emphasis on making that a part of our work culture. They want us getting out there and doing the things we love because they realize that’s what’s going to fuel us up and get us ready to be happy and energized at work.

Your advice for a new client to Ski Butlers: We are here to make our client’s ski vacations easier and worry-free. Our culture and our employees set us apart in this industry. A representative from Ski Butlers is likely to be one of the initial touch points a guest will have on their ski vacation, and because of that, we look for employees who love where they work and are dedicated to providing a legendary ski/​snowboard rental experience. 

Name: Stephany Traylor, co-owner of Ski Butlers in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Years with Ski Butlers: 8 years

Your favorite thing about where you live: Community. There’s something special (and entertaining) about seeing an old cowboy sitting at the bar next to a 22-year-old ski bum. It’s such an unusual collision of cultures, ranching and skiing. And the result is a humble, laid back, high-valued community that produces more winter Olympians than any other town. They know the value in a hard days worth of work, and, just as importantly, understand the value in living each day to its fullest by truly embracing the great outdoors. That’s what Steamboat is all about.

You start and end a typical day of work with: Coffee. Very strong, black coffee. The day used to end with a glass of cheap whisky, but now that I have a young child, it ends with a couple high fives from the team and maybe, if I’m lucky, a high five from the baby. And then, like, a half a glass of cheap whisky.

The best part of your job: Watching our team grow as individuals. When you hire a bunch of twenty year olds who are just looking to have fun and be in the ski industry and then watch them grow to become exceptional leaders, community members and honestly, close friends…it’s special. 

Your advice for a new client to Ski Butlers: Trust our team. We were all new to the sport at some point and we love introducing people to it. Our number one goal is to grow the industry and get more people to love winter sports as much as we do. And that starts with getting everyone of our new clients on the best equipment and having the best possible time, whether they are 2 or 92. We are here for you.

Name: Alex Reese, Ski Butlers Regional Manager for Lake Tahoe area.

Years with Ski Butlers: 8 years

Your favorite thing about where you live: It’s heaven — the weather, the mountains, the access to great outdoor activities, and, oh yeah, one of the most beautiful lakes in the world! Tahoe has the steepest skiing, the best summer scene, and it’s only 3 hours from the ocean.

You start and end a typical day of work with: Going into the shop, offering up a high five or fist bump to everyone, chugging a cup of coffee, and hustling some rentals out the door. I am a morning person, so I try to be as animated as possible to fire up those of us who aren’t as a.m. oriented. I end the day with a very crisp high five.

The best part of your job: Sharing my passion for the mountains with our fantastic team. I have always been passionate about great customer service, but the biggest highlight is working and developing the people who come to work with us.

You ski or ride: I like to get out on the hill mid-morning, because I hate the panic of rushing out to beat the crowds. If I can sneak out over a lunch break, that’s ideal. Otherwise, I’ll go out on my day off so I can spend time with friends. 

Your best piece of advice for a new client to Ski Butlers: Go for a 3 – 4 p.m. delivery. You’ll still have plenty of time to get dinner and hang out. You won’t have to worry about getting back from evening activities and you’ll have everything set to get to the first chair of the day the next morning. The fitting process is so easy — everyone can unpack, get a quick fitting, and get on with exploring your sweet new accommodations.

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