A Ski Butlers Offseason

What does Ski Butlers do in the offseason? That is the number one question I get asked from friends, family and partners when talking about the summer. If you do ski rentals in the winter, what do you guys do in the summer? Do you rent bikes? Do you offer any other services?

The short answer is no. Ski Butlers does one thing, and we do it really well- and that is delivering skis and snowboards. We work our tails off from November 1 to April 1. No breaks, no breathers, no vacation, just skis and snowboards. We use April to wrap up the season- clean the shop, run end-of-season meetings, drop of checks, and eagerly await May. 

Ah- May

In May, our seasonal staff takes off- literally. Some travel for pleasure, others for new work experiences. Ski Butlers staff members can be found anywhere from New York to Alaska, and everywhere in between. We have a loyal crew of seasonal staff members who come back every year because they love the mountains and the lifestyle Ski Butlers affords them. Hiking, camping, fishing, and biking are just some of the activities our team is passionate about. 

Ski Butlers is not only made up of seasonal employees though- who did you think was writing this article!? What does the year-round team do in the summer? We Play! It’s a time to step away from ski rentals and really enjoy what Utah has to offer. Most of our year-round team members can be found in the desert of Southern Utah each and every weekend of May, June, and sometimes even July. We work hard in the winter, and play hard in the summer.

As May turns to June, we wipe the dust off, and get to work on the upcoming ski season. With 5+ months until the lifts start turning, where do we focus our energy? In the same way we are passionate about living in the mountains, we feel the same way about improving the service we offer each year. Summer is the time when we implement new technologies, approach new partnerships, and expand our knowledge about potential new markets- and those we are already operating in. Summer is also a time for us to research new hotels we would like to expand into. 

July is another month of preparation- ordering skis, finalizing promotional items, continuing to find new partnerships, and really fine-tuning our approach to the upcoming season. Once August rolls around, it is time to start having our pre-season meetings with partners, hiring seasonal staff, and implementing the changes we made between May and July. And September? Might as well be ski season- those lifts will be turning in no time. 

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