A View to a Killer…Destination

Nailed It! — Hey, you want live cams in Aspen Snowmass?” — Try these on for size! — Nailed it!
At the beginning of this month the Aspen Skiing Company launched their new RoundShot” live streaming, panoramic, high def, cameras. This gives the viewer a perspective like no other. No more grainy, dirty lensed, tileted live cam feeds”. This is a Take a look and then google search flights to Aspen” good. 
There are currently three spots to look at: 
Top of Highlands, looking at the Bowl, Pyramid Peak and the Maroon Bells (Click Here)

Top of Buttermilk, also looking towards Pyramid (Click Here)

And their Power of Four” camera that shows the entire Aspen Snowmass Kingdom (Click Here)

**Coming Soon* — Snowmass.
Why is this a big deal? Well, check out the shots and let me know if you still think that’s a valid question, I’ll wait. It’s as simple as this. This is an amazing place, a place that people visit and want to tell their friends about, that they want to come back to, and a place that frankly, as residents, we want to show off. So I would say these cameras are 60% showing off and 40% because you can! Either way we as the view benefit. I played around with the cameras for a little while the other day and realized you can download a timelapse of any time period since they started streaming. Want to relive the storm we got at the beginning of the month — check out the time lapse feature.
Want to see the best shots from the past couple weeks? There’s a button for that as well. If this doesn’t make you want to travel here, get back to here, get outside your place or scream Hey, I can see my house from here” I don’t know what will!

*Photos courtesy of www​.aspen​snow​mass​.com

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