Airlines Increase Baggage Fees Again

Park City, Utah…Delta, Continental and United have increased their baggage fees again, now charging $25 for the first checked bag and $35 for the second. It costs $120 round trip for two bags. What options does this leave the skier or snowboarder?

Rent Gear: Many travelers are leaving their gear at home and renting with services like Ski Butlers. Depending on the ski/​board package that you choose this may be the cheapest and easiest way to avoid more baggage charges. In addition you can rent the same skis you may own or skis that are better suited for the conditions and it saves the hassle of schlepping them. 

Know your airline: Many airlines offer slight discounts if you check your bags online or travel on Southwest which does not charge for the first two bags. 

Get Fee Waived: Baggage fees are generally waived for travelers who are either frequent fliers or have reached elite status. 

Ship Luggage: No hassles at the airport. No delayed or lost luggage. Downside: Packing, organizing, shipping and you still need to pay. 

Bryn, Park City, UT

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