The Anticipation of Winter

The Anticipation of Winter

The end of fall is nigh and it is time to trade in your steaming pumpkin latte for a crisp and juicy turkey leg. This is a time for reflection and a time for painstaking anticipation for the winter snows to blanket the ground. If you live in the Rockies of Colorado, you have been enjoying a few snow filled days. The holiday lights that cascade down the trees lining the streets are filled with a sense of purpose. For the rest of us, in the real world, we have caught mere glimpses of this winter wonderland. The ski resorts are just beginning to drop their ropes and the chair lifts begin to spin up to speed. This is a truly a wonderful time. We are ready for snow to fall, feet at a time. Thinking of the first snows, we drift back to childhood bliss, spinning around as the wet flakes melt on our cheeks. These dormant feelings of adolescence come swirling into view as we anticipate the winter snow.
So, you may be asking with all of these pent up thoughts of the perfect winter, what can we do to outlet these feelings of gliding down the mountain when we sit down to our 20lb. Butterball?

Well, with a collection of WOW’s, some Oh No’s” Gregory Stump’s film Bizzard of AAHHH’s” is a throwback well worth watching. This film, though dated now, is hailed as one of the best ever and many cite it as the genesis of extreme skiing. Here in Tahoe, the cliffs of Squaw” remind us of where we have been and where we will go. As you cuddle up to a food coma, turn on Mr. Stump’s film and let your mind drift into 1980’s extreme skiing bliss. 

Definitely Click Below:

Blizzard of AAHHH’s” Opening Segment

That didn’t do it for you? A little out dated, perhaps? Maybe the soft styling’s of Mr. Glen Plake’s Mohawk and fluorescent ski jump suits did not implore you to seek extreme skiing greatness. How about we head back to a year that, in a word was: #mindblowing. Watch Matchstick Production’s movie Attack of La Niña” and join me when I say, PRAY FOR SNOW.

Click here to see Attack of La Niña” Teaser

As you anticipate the coming winter, think of the possibilities. Ponder your perfect ski day and transport yourself back to childhood jubilation. You are now spinning around, arms outstretched catching every flake that pours from the Heavens. Anticipate the winter and brace yourself for a great a season.

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