Be an Entrepreneur

At Ski Butlers, we try to inspire and motivate our team to act as owners and to make their own decisions while working for us. Be an Entrepreneur” is in fact one of our core values and is one of the many things that separate us from other ski shops.

What does it mean to act like an owner” or to be an entrepreneur?” It means our team members have the ability to (and are trusted to) make decisions on their own without talking to their superiors. Not only does this effortlessly create trust amongst your team, but it empowers them. It’s not rocket science, delivering skis. We hire smart, capable young minds that we know can look at any situation, good or bad, and using the tools we offer them to make a good decision. 

This also proves to be more efficient. Instead of hearing a list of may I’s” from all our team members, they are making decisions on the spot with guests in an efficient and confident manner. The result on the customer service end of things is a thrilled guest who doesn’t have to wait for any answers for their requests. And that’s what we do. Deliver service. Deliver happiness. 

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