Big Developments to Park City Ski Areas

As we approach November and begin to settle into late fall here in Park City, the impending winter looms in the near future ready to shower us in its wintery goodness. For all us mountain town residents and those who make the yearly pilgrimage west to escape work and chase that highly anticipated pow day the transition from fall to winter can’t come soon enough. With winter this year comes a vast list of improvements to Park City and its surrounding resorts, namely to The Canyons Resort, as well as a host of other exciting developments in the area.
Throughout the summer The Canyons has been diligently working to develop the southern end of its property by adding over 300 skiable acres to Iron Mountain, the area located adjacent to Dream Peak. With the new acreage comes ten new runs ranging from intermediate to advanced as well as several hundred acres of naturally gladed tree skiing. This additional lift serviced terrain will bring The Canyons up to 4,000 plus skiable acres, making it the fourth largest ski resort in the U.S. Along with the new terrain, The Canyons has made improvements to their lift system creating a more efficient and comfortable skier experience, especially on those cold, early winter days when it takes all your will power to get out on the mountain. With the on ramp just outside the Grand Summit Hotel, a new lift has been added which will include a protective, wind blocking bubble” and heated seats. The idea behind the bubble is to shield its riders from high winds and that stinging sensation you get on your face when we’re getting hammered by those huge dumps that seem to be unique to Utah. This new one of a kind quad is one of the most technologically advanced lifts in the world. The final notable improvement taking place at The Canyons resort this winter is the relocation of the gondola portal. Previously, local skiers would be forced to make an uncomfortable, several hundred yard walk to the gondola after exiting the Cabriolet Lift. The new portal will be located immediately across from the Cabriolet Lift and will transport skiers directly from the village center to the Red Pine Lodge area. This will provide a much more simple, fluid process for transporting skiers onto and off the mountain. In addition to this, the gondola cabins will be upgraded. 
Not to be left out, Park City Mountain Resort will also be adding new skiable terrain. Three new Adventure Alley runs will allow intermediate level skiers to find more accessible ski treeing suitable for their skier level. The resort will also continue to glade Crescent Ridge, enhancing the advanced skiing options on the lower mountain. 
Though this is not an exhaustive list of what’s going to be happening this winter in the Park City area it’s an idea of the direction these resorts are going. New developments like these help our local ski areas stay relevant on an international level and ultimately create a better skier experience for all who take advantage. Ongoing improvements will ensure people worldwide will continue to flock to the Rocky Mountain west seeking the best snow and terrain available anywhere and give locals reason to be excited about upcoming seasons year after year. 

Check back next week to get the dish on what to look forward to in the Vail Valley for the upcoming season.

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