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Ski Butlers was built on the idea of customer service. However, today, that idea of customer service has become not only a reality, but a way of life. Everything we do, every decision we make is based on our customers being totally satisfied. It is in our core values, our vision statement and our daily work lives. Unfortunately, at the end of each ski season, we have always struggled to let go of our valued customers for the summer. Until now!

Franchise Owner of Ski Butlers Aspen and Telluride, Riley Tippet, flirted with the idea of continuing to serve visitors of Aspen — Snowmass with bike rental needs. After a few trial runs in the late summer of 2013, Bike Butlers is beginning to make a name for itself in 2014. The biggest question we had to overcome was; how do we separate our bike rental shop from others? The answer was rooted in the core values of Ski Butlers; customer service.

Bike Butlers has started delivering comfort/​hybrid bikes to guests and showing them to trail heads in the greater Aspen area. However, how could we WOW our customers by simply dropping bikes off for them to use? Wait, what if we made it possible to drop our guests off in the morning and then pick them up at the end of the day?” Riley asked. Before we knew it, this questions became a reality and has automatically regained our ability to practice doing what we love doing at Ski Butlers all winter, make the customer totally satisfied. 

After witnessing how stoked our first group of bike renters were after we shuttled them back to town from the Woody Creek Tavern about 15 miles outside of Aspen, we knew we had found a niche in the bike rental and customer service industry. Now as we are approaching the middle of summer, more and more of our guests have been able to explore the Aspen Valley to its fullest. There is great shopping and dining outside of Aspen and Snowmass that would otherwise go unexplored. Being able to access it by bike coupled with the fact that our guests know they are one call or text away from a shuttle ride back to town has proven itself to be a great way to spend any summer day in Aspen.

Call 9703004912 or visit www​.skibut​lers​.com/​a​s​p​e​n​-​s​k​i​-​r​e​ntals for more info

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