Bike Butlers Aspen Rolls Through First Full Season

Well, it looks like Bike Butlers Aspen is here to stay!

After dreaming of the idea of Bike Butlers during the summer of 2013 in order to deliver legendary service year round, the boys of Ski Butlers Aspen have made that dream a reality! As we are turning the corner to winter, we are slowly starting to put our comfort/​hybrid bikes back into storage and beginning to get the ski’s ready to go, so lets recap this past summer… 

With all startup ideas, comes lots of unknowns; are people actually going to want bikes delivered? Will they want to use our shuttle service? What else could we offer that people would want? At the beginning of the summer, business was moving slow and we didn’t know if Bike Butlers was something people would want. So, for answers to all these questions we looked to our knowledge and experience of customer service within the ski industry as Ski Butlers. 

The answer wasn’t rooted in what we could offer our guests, but why” we offer it. In the winter we don’t just offer ski’s, boots and poles. Any ski rental shop can offer that. Instead, we offer extra vacation time by not having to leave your accommodations, a clean floor because we take our shoes off at the door, we offer the little things that make your vacation, true relaxation. 

Once we established, it’s not what we do, but in fact, why we do it, business started to pick up through the summer. We realized, to offer the little things that make a vacation we had to listen to what our guests had to say and after implementing many of their ideas bikes started flowing out of our shop.

Here is what one of our Bike Butlers guests had to say about the service: 

Posted to Yelp on 7/1/14

Riley and his team provided the most amazing customer service I have EVER experienced. 

‑When I arrived in Aspen last Friday, Riley delivered two different-sized bikes to my hotel, the St. Regis. He fitted and adjusted the bike for me and provided a bike lock and a helmet. 

— On Saturday, when I reported having trouble finding the beginning of the Rio Grande Trail, he offered to have his team either drop me off or ride with me to the opening so that I could find it. They also will pick you up along the trail if you bike toward Basalt and don’t want to do the uphill ride back.

— Later Saturday night, I realized I’d need a basket to carry my phone and wallet on the trail ride. Riley came to the hotel and attached a basket to the bike, before 9 a.m. Sunday, which is when I said I’d need it. In the basket, he left a map, highlighted with my route. 

‑He picked it up on Monday when I left to go home. 

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