Mountain Biking in Utah

Winter is just around the corner, and if you’re like us, exercising hasn’t exactly been in your schedule during the off season. Luckily, there’s plenty of ways to stay in shape while also staying off the treadmill before the ski season begins, and one that I am particularly a big fan of is mountain biking. Throughout the Park City area, and the rest of Utah, there are thousands of trails to bike down, up and across and having that wind whip through your hair as you make your way down almost feels like skiing! 

Below are just a few of our favorite spots throughout Park City, and the surrounding area to bike.

Deer Valley

Known for its luxurious hotels and appealing apres, Deer Valley can really be seen as the picture perfect ski resort, but once the snow melts the bike lifts go up. With renovations beginning in 2014, Deer Valley has been updating and adding new trails every year with the help of bike park developer Gravity Logic. Offering over 70 miles of bike trails across 6 different peaks with access from three different lifts make Deer Valley one of the go to spots for summer trail bikers. 

Bonus: Right behind Deer Valley is Guardsman Pass, a road only accessible in the summertime connecting Park City and Big Cottonwood Canyon. This road is perfect for people who aren’t big trailing biking fans but still love to sweat and go fast. There’s always a few road bikers going up or coming down this beautiful road that overlooks the backsides of Deer Valley, Park City and the Canyons. Guardsman Pass also has access to one of the few lakes you’re allowed to swim in within the Wasatch, Blood Lake. Only a short walk from the road will bring you to a gorgeous lake tucked away within the mountains that’s perfect for cooling off. 

Trail Suggestions: Mid-Mountain Trail, Holy Roller, Tidal Wave


It’s almost been a full year since Woodward first opened up their Park City location and in that time speculation has grown as to what the biking trials might be like once the snow melted and the dirt began to show. So far they have lived up to the hype! With lift access and easily marked trails and all skill levels, Woodward is the perfect place to learn how to downhill mountain bike for your first time. The fact that Woodward also has both an outdoor and indoor skatepark, along with foam pits and other facilities, makes it the perfect place to bring the kids, no matter if it’s summer or winter. 


Saying just Moab is a little broad, but that’s really the only way to describe it because there is so much biking in Moab! Only a four hour drive from Salt Lake City and with Arches and Canyonlands National Parks surrounding you on either side, Moab is the perfect place to bike while taking in some of the vast scenic views of this region. With famous trails like The Whole Enchilada, there is something for everyone here with over 800 miles of trails. Just remember to drink plenty of water! 

Bonus: Enter the quiet town of Moab to check out some of the unique shops or Moab Brewery! This is one of our favorite spots to meet up after a hot day of biking! 

Trail Suggestions: The Whole Enchilada and the Slickrock Trail

BonusBiking: Big and Little Cottonwood

If road biking is more your speed then Big and Little Cottonwood are great places to bike in the summer. Winding through the Wasatch mountains as they tower over you is a site like no other and for the real determined you can try biking all the way from Big Cottonwood Canyon to Park City!

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