First Tram: A Jackson Hole Right of Passage

The waan waan of your alarm buzzes, and the only thing stopping you from hitting snooze is snowflakes passing through the streetlights outside your window. The smell of bacon fills your room, as others wake up. Everyone has the same goal in mind.

The length of a morning tram-line correlates to the amount of snow in the forecast; 10” or more and you can expect people to find their spot in line at 5:30am, the Tram line naturally becomes an event and a part of the day. Coffee thermoses are exchanged, while plans for the first run are withheld.

The first 100, being amongst the small elite crowd to make it to the summit of Rendezvous Mt. is not only a right of passage, it requires a resistance to the snooze button, the reward is 4,000 feet of untracked powder.

As the Tram docks, and the doors open those lucky enough to pass the Tram’s gatekeeper swarm into the big red cabin. Shoulder to shoulder the ability to talk to your buddy behind you is limited to talking over your shoulder, as movement is not really an option. The buzz of the Tram running over cables above joins the buzz of conversation in the cabin below.

After nine anxious minutes, the swing of the Tram combined with the Tram operators crackle over the speakers notes your arrival. The Tram doors swing open, and everyone is greeted by cold air, wind, and most importantly fresh snow.

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