Fine Cuisine in a Ski Town? Jackson Holes’ Best Eateries

Fine cuisine is not always associated with ski culture, but that is not the case in Jackson Hole. From wonderful wild-game to magical creations that will make any foodies’ mouth water, Jackson has food for anyone and everyone’s palate. Featured here are seven of Ski Butlers’ favorite places to dine in Jackson Hole.

Il Villaggio Osteria

Il Villaggio Osteria makes wonderful Italian creations that both taste great and look amazing. Osteria is a perfect option for folks looking for delicious Italian food paired with a perfect wine.


Nothing says ski fare like traditional Swiss Austrian food. Offering everything from the best fondue in town to delectable wild game including Antelope, stepping into the Alpenrose, feels like you’ve teleported to the Swiss Alps; you can’t go wrong by visiting the Alpenrose.


Located in the town of Jackson, Local is a great place for everything from Buffalo Tar Tar to Local Trout. Also a favorite of almost every local in Jackson, the atmosphere is always jovial.


Are you a Sushi fan who stays away from inland Sushi? Do not fear, Sudachi, Jackson’s premier restaurant for Japanese cuisine features fresh seafood flown in daily. Sit at the bar and watch, as your food becomes a tastey piece of artwork before your eyes.

Thai Me Up & Melvin Brewing

Although the American influenced Thai food Thai Me Up provides is wonderful, Thai Me Up’s real treasure is their in-house brewery; Melvin Brewing. Melvin Brewing’s most recent accolades are two medals in the World Cup Medals in 2014. If you’re a fan of IPA’s, try the 2×4 if they have any left.

Pinky G’s

If you are coming to Jackson with your family and desire pizza for both kids and adults, Pinky G’s is the place to go. Voted as the best pizza in Jackson three years running, parents will love the Funky Chicken, or Abe Froman, while a simple cheese pizza will be sure to make the kids happy.

The Granary

At the Granary the best view in Jackson is matched by some of the best food . The only restaurant in a wildlife refuge, dine on exquisite food while enjoying a breathtaking view of the Tetons. The Granary is known for its wonderful Game menu, from The Trout Dip as a starter to a Cajun Spiced Elk Tenderloin for an entrée.

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