Bode Miller — Up Close with Ski Butlers at the Olympics

By Bryn Carey, President of Ski Butlers

On Friday night after Bode Miller won the Silver Medal in the Olympic Super G, he told me that he is going out and skiing like he did when he was younger and just pushing the limits and going for it. He also sounded inspired, confident and enjoying these games. These were very good words to come out of Bode Miller’s mouth; a sign of confidence that would later lead to a Gold Medal in the Men’s Super Combined. 

Bode Miller and I go back to high school when we raced together in Maine. Bode was always older but none the less a role model. As Bode’s career progressed, my brother Forest Carey became his coach on the US Ski Team. He was then his personal coach for two years on Team America when Bode skied independent from the US Ski Team. 

To see Bode win Gold, Silver and Bronze on the biggest ski racing stage in the world, in an Olympics where the media did not see him as a favorite (ask his coaches, they knew he could do this) was something that is special for everyone involved with Ski Butlers, the US Ski Team and of course Bode Miller. 

After Bode won gold, he walked out of the finish area and came up to his dad (who I was standing next to and the picture to the left) and gave him a big hug and said Dad, that was awesome, truly awesome!” He gave the rest of his family hugs and was basically speechless but he had a grin from ear to ear and a look on his face that showed a sense of relief. 

In interviews later that day, Bode said, The way I executed, the way I skied, is something I’ll be proud of for the rest of my life. It feels amazing.”

Congrats, Bode! From everyone at Ski Butlers!

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