Regardless if you’re a local, a frequent visitor, a one time guest or just someone passing through the beautiful town of Breckenridge during mid-winter, there are always two things you can count on. These two things are cold weather and a lot of FUN! One of the reasons many people visit Breckenridge is to say they conquered the highest chair lift in North America. If you can say you have done this, than you already know you cannot go to the top of Imperial Chair without experiencing serious winds and heart stopping cold air that rushes right through your body. It just wouldn’t be nearly as FUN or nearly as exhilarating without these factors. 
If you have been around the town of Breckenridge in the last month, there has been plenty of FUN for everyone! To end January and enter February every year, Breckenridge plays host to the International Snow Sculpting Competition. This is a two week long event that brings all people in the town together at the River Walk Center to observe huge blocks of snow coming to life in the form of various snow sculptures. Ski Butlers was on the scene during stomping week” to help stomp the molds down and pack the sculpting blocks before the teams arrived. This year we had 15 teams representing 11 countries with the winner coming out of Quebec, Canada. This event is FUN for everyone of all ages and a must see” in Breckenridge each year!
With the help of the locals, we celebrate Mardi Gras in February each year with a Breckenridge twist. It starts with the annual Bacchus Ball which was held at Beaver Run Resort this year and concludes with a FUN and festive parade down Main Street. The Bacchus Ball dinner provides enough good food and laughs to get you through the entire year and that is before the parade even occurs! This year Ski Butlers joined the FUN and entered the parade with a large homemade decorative mask to cover the front of our van and of course had a couple Ski Butlers inside the van to throw the beads to all the spectators! Needless to say, I can speak for everyone who lives in Breckenridge by saying, we love our FUN! 
As we approach March and start thinking about Spring in Breckenridge, the cold weather will begin to subside but the events in town and FUN never leave! Here’s to a great rest of your winter season!!

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