Breckenridge Speaker Series — National Geographic

There will be two events hosted at the Riverwalk Center in downtown Breckenridge, CO in which National Geographic Live will present images and stories from all over the globe from some of their filmmakers and photographers. As audiences of this series have already experienced, Nat Geo Live events are expertely illustrated through employees who travel the globe searching for powerful stories and images typically seen on National Geographic Magazine and National Geographic Channel. 

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The first presentation in the series will be on Wednesday, October 14 called The Lens of Adventure. Presenter Brian Smith will outline his experiences about film making in the most dangerous, remote, places all around the globe. Brian is widely known as a creative innovator that is willing to do whatever it takes to get the shot. No expedition, adventure, or film comes about without a little bit of suffering. But the suffering co-efficient is my key to success.” — Bryan Smith

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The second event in the series is called Coral Kingdoms and Empires of Ice, presented by David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes. Travel to Kimbe Bay, Papau New Gineau through the lens of these two esteemed photographers and wildlife biologists to explore one of the richest places in marine biological diversity in the world. Next, they will take you South to the ice-filled waters of Antartica where they spent time photographing the beautiful world of frozen ice caverns and glaciers. Then, the pair will show and discuss what it takes to get underwater to shoot the world of the leopard seal, penguins, and ship wrecks. 

Discover the reality behind the camera through this series, as you travel the world while learning what it takes to get some of the best shots, in some of the most beautiful, and harsh environments the globe has to offer.

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