Bring an Appetite, a Thirst, and your Camera


If you were to make a list of all the restaurants in Telluride with a nice view you’d basically have to list them all, so let’s narrow the scope a bit. Here are four restaurants, on-mountain, with amazing views.
Let’s start with possibly the highest restaurant in the states. Have you ever wondered what wine goes best with incredible views and a cozy, quaint European feel? At 11,966′ it all does! Alpino Vino leads you in with a warm, inviting atmosphere, fireplace, stone floors, hand-hewn wood beams — you could stay there all day. Until you seem the decks and the views and you will immediately be drawn right back out side. Alpino Vino is only open in the winter and is mainly a Ski-in Ski-out restaurant.

2nd on the list is a locals favorite, Guiseppe’s. At the top of lift 9 (Plunge Lift) you can stop in for some quick comfort food, sandwiches, chili, beer and wine — the basics to fill you up and get you right back on the slopes. It is certainly worth an bit of an extended stay to soak in the views that stretch all the way to the La Sal Mountains that are just outside Moab, UT.
#3 — perched right off the top of the Gondola, Allred’s Restaurant is simply put, a great restaurant offering everything from Surf & Turf Entrees to Happy Hour specials. Being situated at the top of the Gondola makes for easy access to those skiing and those just dining. It is also open as long as the Gondola is open, summer and winter.
Lastly there is the iconic Gorrono Ranch, this is the closest thing you east coasters will find to an on-mountain lodge where there is open seating, a place to take your boots off and rest as well as get some Ski Lodge Food”. Gorrono’s is probably most popular for it’s outdoor seating and live music that seems to always be going on. It’s a great family spot to sit, relax and plan the 2nd half of your day.
At the end of the day, no matter where you go, you won’t go wrong. Bring an appetite, a thirst, and your camera!

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