Chasing Powder at Steamboat Ski Resort

Steamboat Ski Resort is world famous for its champagne powder and if you have had the privilege to ski on a big powder day in Steamboat you know why. There is nothing like catching some fresh turns through snow that is so light that it blows away in the wind as you float through it. The only problem seems that there just is not enough of those fresh lines to go around. So on those awesome powder days it’s all about knowing where to go to ensure that you get your share of the amazing champagne powder. While there are many stashes in the trees of Steamboat the first place you have to go is straight to the top of Mt. Warner where you get the real steep and deep.

On the best powder days here in Steamboat all the powder hounds will be out trying to get as many fresh lines as they can get before it’s all chewed up, so it’s important that you hit up the best stashes early. If you want a shot at those best stashes then you better get to the gondola early before it opens. Once you reach the top of the gondola you will find yourself in Thunderhead Lodge. From there you will walk straight out onto the snow, get your skis on and head straight down Rudi’s Run and to the Storm Peak chairlift. 

Once you are at the top of Storm Peak you will want to go to the backside of the mountain to Morningside which is where you will get your first taste of some real champagne powder. This part I always have a little bit of fun in the powder trying to make some interesting lines, but you have to be careful not to get stuck on a big powder day. While there are a lot of good lines on morningside it is very flat at the lower part and on a deep powder day it is easy to find yourself stuck in flatland waist deep in snow, which does not make for an easy hike out. When you reach the bottom you will find yourself at Morningside chairlift which means you’re almost to your powder stash destination. When you reach the top of the lift you have two options; one you can go straight and hit the Chutes(1, 2, and 3) or the Christmas Tree Bowl which on a good powder day can be very fruitful, or you can do what I do most days and take a right to a little hike up to the very top of Mt. Warner. Once you reach the top you are at 3 of the best runs in Steamboat; the first on you left No Names, followed by North St. Pats, and finally East Face. All of which are steep, very wide and open which allows for you to explore and find the perfect line of which you’ve been waiting and hopefully get some face shots.

I hope this helps powder hounds new to Steamboat find some stashes of the famous powder that people come from all over to enjoy. Happy skiing!!!

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