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A new season means new skis and here at Ski Butlers we’ve got plenty of those. With Rossignol changing up their entire ski collection this year, you may be confused as to what your options are now that their freeride skis are categorized differently than years before. If you are interested in trying out our high-performance package during your ski vacation this year, here are a few of your new options for top-of-the-line Rossignol skis. 


Rossignol Rallybirds
Rossignol Rallybirds

Sizes: 154, 162170

Waist Dimensions: 90, 9294

Rossignol’s woman-specific ski, the Rallybird, is a true all-mountain ski that is both playful and durable across all conditions. This model has taken over as Rossignol’s signature woman’s ski from the Stargazer, which we also carry. With a lightweight tip and vibration-damping tech, this ski crushes any terrain that’s thrown it’s way, from powder to groomers.

Sender 94

Rossignol Sender 94
Rossignol Sender 94

Sizes: 156, 164, 172, 178186

Waist Dimensions: 92, 93, 93, 9495

With the Escapers now a designated backcountry ski, the Sender has taken over as Rossignol’s signature freeride ski with a brand new design and sizes. The first one that we have is the Sender 94, a ski pretty much as all-mountain as you can get. Delivering a mix of lightweight agility and strong downhill performance, this ski can crush anything a mountain throws at it while also having the ability to float through powder when found. If you are a one-quiver type of person this is the perfect ski to handle any condition. 

Sender 104

Rossignol Sender 104
Rossignol Sender 104

Sizes: 164, 172, 178186

Waist Dimensions: 102, 103, 104106

The ultimate ski to have in the quiver. This is similar to the sender 94 with one big difference, it’s wider. Still able to crush groomers and harder-packed snow but also is the perfect powder ski for getting after it on those blower days. If there was a storm the night before, this is the ski you’re going to want to be using the next morning.

If you’re looking to try out any of these skis make sure to put a request in when making your reservation this winter. 

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