How Ski Butlers is part of the Climate Change Solution

Written by Bryn Carey, President and Founder of Ski Butlers
Climate change is real, it is here. The debate is over. There is no debate. 97% of scientists agree, that human caused global warming is taking place. In fact, there are some reports that show snowlines half way up mountains by 2050 and no snow in the Rocky Mountains by 2100. It is time that community leaders, local businesses, and government begin to come together to be a part of the solution of our generations biggest challenge. 

Ski Butlers has become very active in becoming part of the climate change solution. We have partnered with Protect Our Winters (POW), I am getting trained by Climate Reality Leadership Corp and we have educated ourselves through other mediums.
Specifically with Protect Our Winters, it is our goal to help drive their membership so they can then educate, empower, and lobby the government to make changes. As a team, we came up with the followng calls to actions with Protect Our Winters;

Partners (Hotels, Property Management Companies, Non-Profits, Companies we work with)

  • Reach out to 5 High Influence Partners locally (10 Ski Butlers locations, so 50+ partners) and try to schedule a meeting prior to ski season

  • Call to action will be to have them sign up for POW membership (perhaps a presentation if they want one) and educate them on the issue 


  • Team Members have POW on their name tags/​uniforms

  • Ask me about POW!” 

  • This is a way to generate a conversation with customers and hopefully get them to sign up for a POW membership 

Team Members

  • Educate Team Members on POW and Climate Change during orientation/​training

  • Most Passionate Manager at location will be trained to give a presentation

  • Call to Action will be to have all team members sign up for a POW membership 

  • Education will also help for the Customers” portion of the goals so the team members can speak about POW

Home Office

In addition to these items from our team. Home Office will do the minimum;

  • POW links/​info on certain transactional messaging

  • Logo on Ski Butlers Grocery Tote Bag (we hand these out to every customer)

  • Help POW, line up meetings, grow your membership, etc..

  • POW sticker on back of Ski Butlers van

Ski Butlers will also be meeting with POW and Smartwool on October 6th, 2014 in Steamboat Springs, CO. This event is a kick-off to the season for our top team members to learn more climate change. 

Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Training Brazil

In addition to helping POW, I will be attending the Climate Reality Leadership Training. 

Life changing,” re-affirming,” and empowering” are just some of the ways past participants have described their experience attending the Climate Reality Leadership Training. 

I have a passion to change the world and help stop climate change. One of the best ways to do this is through training with the Climate Reality Leadership Corps, led by Al Gore.

Through this training, I hope that I can bring my knowledge back into the ski communities that we live in, to create real change both locally and globally. It is my belief that ski towns should be model examples of what a renewable energy communities look like and can share this with the rest of the world. 

It is my goal to raise $3,500. All the funding will go towards the transportation, lodging, and visa fees required to travel to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Climate Reality will cover the cost of the training. Please click here to contribute today. 

More Info About the Trainings

Climate Reality Leadership Corps training in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which will be held November 4 – 6, will bring together a select group of individuals committed to addressing the impacts of climate change and implementing the solutions that will define us to future generations. This training is an opportunity to join a global network of leaders committed to solving the climate crisis.

Over the course of three days, I will have the opportunity to hear from experts who will share information about the science behind the climate crisis as well as their experiences educating and engaging diverse networks and communities. I will also have the chance to connect with a group of extraordinary leaders from a variety of sectors and countries around the world.

View this video of a Dr. Susan Pacheco, a current Climate Reality Leader.

So, what can you do to be a part of the solution? I have three suggestions;

1 — Join Protect Our Winters, Climate Reality and The Solutions Project

2 — Sign up for their emails and follow them on Twitter

3 — Ask 5 people you know to do the same

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