Community Involvement: Why do we do it?

The simplest answer is, why not? We recognize that we are a part of a mountain community that stretches across the globe from the Rockies of Colorado to the Himalayas of Nepal. Whether we’re skiing down groomed resort trails or forging our own through the backcountry, the communities that come together around these magnificent mountains are some of the closest and tight-knit in the world.

Photo: Ski Butlers Steamboat Springs

As a business, Ski Butlers has a responsibility to give back to the community that helps us to live the amazing lives we have always dreamed of. We, and indeed all business, are not simply money-churning machines — we are a part of the community in which we have chosen to reside and, in our case, strive to provide a meaningful and valuable service to not only the visitors to this town but also its full-time residents.

After several years of wading’ into the market, we are offering full-season ski leases to our local neighbors who no doubt struggle to keep ski equipment up-to-date for growing children. We are also happy to include community involvement as a cornerstone of our team members’ opportunities for bonuses. To be eligible, team members must complete at least two hours of volunteer work in the community every month. 

We live in small mountain communities and it is our responsibility to give back and involve ourselves. Be it through our support of Protect Our Winters, on the global scale of fighting climate change, or our local efforts in the Telluride region, getting involved in our communities and giving back is part of the Ski Butlers DNA!

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